Episode 2

Published on:

14th Dec 2020

2-Character, the Heart of God

Saul was a covenant breaker and an idolater. God gave him as King to Israel because he reflected the image of Israel at the time. After rejecting him and removing his Spirit from his reign, God sent Samuel to anoint David. David pursued God's heart, the Divine Character. We find God's character in the 10 commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Fruits of the Spirit. In today's Church world, 3 failing leadership qualities are found in disrepute: Infallibility (unteachable), Politics (relying upon the arm of the flesh, trusting in kings and horses) and Idolatry (mixing two religions together oftentimes truth with lies). When we see Jesus, we see God's character (John 14:9) for He is God manifest in flesh. 1 Samuel 13:8-15; 1 Samuel 16:1-15, Judges 2:9-10; Judges 17-18; Judges 19-21., Luke 12:45; 1 Peter 5:1-3

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If Noah was alive in our century, what would he speak to the generation to prepare them for the Return of Jesus Christ?
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